World’s Newest Cruise Line Orders Two More Ships

Get ready to set sail with Explora Journeys, the world’s newest cruise line. They have just announced that they have ordered two more cruise ships to add to their growing fleet. What makes these ships even more unique is that they will be powered by hydrogen, making them the first of their kind in the industry. These environmentally friendly vessels will be equipped with advanced technologies that allow them to use alternative fuels such as bio and synthetic gas and methanol. With their commitment to sustainability and luxury, Explora Journeys is shaping the future of cruising.


In exciting news for cruise enthusiasts, Explora Journeys, the world’s newest cruise line, has officially confirmed orders for two additional ships. These ships will not only expand their fleet but also mark a significant milestone as they will be the first hydrogen-powered vessels in the company’s lineup. The introduction of these ships signifies Explora Journeys’ commitment to embracing advanced environmental technologies and sustainable practices in the cruise industry.

Confirmation of Orders

With the confirmation of these two new ships, Explora Journeys will soon have a total of six vessels in its fleet. The company has chosen to invest in these ships to further solidify its position in the luxury travel segment. By embracing new technologies and expanding their capacity, Explora Journeys aims to meet the growing demand for high-end cruise experiences.

Hydrogen-Powered Ships

The most exciting aspect of these new ships is that they will be powered by hydrogen, a groundbreaking development in the cruise industry. Hydrogen has long been touted as a clean energy source, and its use in cruise ships represents a significant step forward in reducing carbon emissions. By utilizing hydrogen fuel cells, Explora Journeys will be able to dramatically decrease the environmental impact of their operations.

Debut Dates

Fans of Explora Journeys can look forward to the debut of these two hydrogen-powered ships in the coming years. The first ship, EXPLORA V, is set to make its grand entrance in 2027, followed by EXPLORA VI in 2028. These debut dates mark a significant milestone for the cruise line and will undoubtedly generate excitement among cruise enthusiasts worldwide.

Advanced Environmental Technologies

Explora Journeys is committed to pushing the boundaries of environmental sustainability in the cruise industry. In addition to hydrogen-powered engines, these new ships will incorporate other advanced environmental technologies. They will be capable of using alternative fuels such as bio and synthetic gas and methanol, further reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing their impact on the environment.

Use of Alternative Fuels

The use of alternative fuels is a crucial component of Explora Journeys’ sustainability efforts. By exploring different fuel sources like bio and synthetic gas and methanol, the cruise line aims to diversify its fuel options and decrease its reliance on traditional fossil fuels. This commitment to using alternative fuels highlights Explora Journeys’ dedication to reducing its environmental impact and promoting a greener future.

Liquid Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Explora Journeys’ innovative approach to sustainability includes the use of liquid hydrogen and fuel cells. These technologies will be employed during the ships’ downtime while docked in ports, eliminating carbon emissions when the ship’s engines are switched off. Liquid hydrogen and fuel cells offer a clean and efficient energy solution, allowing the ships to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

New Generation of LNG Engines

In addition to hydrogen and fuel cells, Explora Journeys’ new ships will feature a new generation of LNG engines. These engines will tackle the issue of methane slip, a phenomenon that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. By implementing containment systems and utilizing the latest LNG engine technology, Explora Journeys aims to further enhance its environmental performance and reduce its carbon footprint.

Commitment to Growth and Future Investment

Explora Journeys’ decision to order two more ships underscores its commitment to growth and future investment in the luxury cruise market. The cruise line recognizes the increasing demand for top-tier cruising experiences and is dedicated to meeting the needs of discerning travelers. By expanding its fleet, Explora Journeys aims to solidify its position as a luxury brand while also investing in the future of the industry.

Luxury Brand and Sustainability

Explora Journeys prides itself on being a luxury lifestyle brand that values sustainability. The addition of hydrogen-powered ships to its fleet further solidifies its commitment to preserving and protecting the oceans. In the modern world, sustainability has become an essential aspect of luxury, and Explora Journeys is determined to exceed the expectations of environmentally conscious travelers with its cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

Explora Journeys

Explora Journeys is a privately-owned luxury lifestyle brand and part of the MSC Group. With one ship already in service and five more either under construction or on order, Explora Journeys is carving out its place in the high-end cruise market. The introduction of hydrogen-powered ships showcases the cruise line’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and delivering exceptional luxury travel experiences.

MSC Group

Explora Journeys is a part of the MSC Group, a leading global player in the cruise industry. The MSC Group’s extensive expertise and resources provide a solid foundation for Explora Journeys’ growth and success. As a subsidiary of the MSC Group, Explora Journeys benefits from the group’s vast network, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to sustainability.

Testimonies from Executives

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman – Cruise Division, MSC Group, highlighted the significance of Explora Journeys’ growth and commitment to luxury and sustainability. He emphasized the brand’s dedication to redefining luxury at sea and investing in the ships of the future. With a focus on technology and efficiency, MSC Group aims to provide the very best luxury travel experiences while also safeguarding the environment.

Michael Ungerer, Chief Executive Officer, Explora Journeys, echoed the sentiment of sustainability in luxury. He emphasized the importance of preserving and protecting the oceans, stating that sustainability is the new craftsmanship in the luxury sector. Ungerer expressed the cruise line’s determination to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional experiences while embracing sustainable practices.

In conclusion, Explora Journeys’ order of two more ships represents a milestone in the cruise industry. The introduction of hydrogen-powered vessels showcases the cruise line’s commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation. With advanced environmental technologies, the use of alternative fuels, and a focus on luxury and sustainability, Explora Journeys is poised to redefine the high-end cruise experience while minimizing its impact on the environment.